As a kid, Halloween was an exciting time. For one night you went around the neighborhood filling your candy bucket with enough sugary nuggets to last a few months. You remember how you excitedly returned home to sort out your nightly trappings. With the help of your parents, you discarded the candies you didn’t want.

As an adult, you wonder about the magical draw of candy. You couldn’t get yourself to consume so much candy now. Today, all you can think about how candy rots your teeth and adds inches to your waistline. Sure, candy may taste good, but they have negative longer-term consequences.

Despite the health issues candy can bring, you still enjoy the occasional indulgence of something sweet and unhealthy.

As you peruse the giant bags of candy at the grocery, you may be overwhelmed with your choices. You thought choosing candy to hand out would be easy. You just embrace your inner child. You then realize that the candies you once longed for and savored as a child now makes you cringe. I used to like those?! You think. It’s funny that our tastes change as we get older. Candies that you once considered to be heaven on earth now make your stomach churn. Here are 7 candies that you likely loved as a kid, but now have second thoughts about:

1. Candy Bars

Whether they were Snickers, Twix, 3 Musketeers or any other type of filled candy bar, these tiny pieces of chocolate-covered goodness now make you shutter in horror. They can be messy, after all. The only types of candy bars you’ll now be caught occasionally enjoy is either an Almond Joy or Kit-Kat.

2. Hot Tamales and Red Hots

Hot, spicy kicks of cinnamon sounds delicious, right? Maybe for kids who have unrefined taste buds. Adults, however, know better.

3. Nerds

As a child you enjoyed discovering which flavors of these random, pebble-shaped crunchy candies you got. If you were lucky to get a box with two flavors, all the better. As an adult, you realize how messy and unsatisfying these candies actually are.

4. Lemonheads

These tart and sweet hard candies were a nice break from the abundant sweetness of chocolate candies in your Halloween bucket. Now, instead of savoring the tartness, you pucker up from disgust.

5. Milk Duds

Yummy, round globs of chocolate covered, messy caramel. You think not.

6. Pixie Stix

These skinny tubes of powder sugar were all the rage when you were a kid. Now their messiness and lack of flavor are your worst enemy.

7. Tootsie Rolls

This chewy, saliva-producing, filling extracting chocolate lump kept your little self blissfully occupied for a few minutes. If you think the original flavor was bad, you’d likely be disgusted by the alternate flavors that are now available.

Don’t forget the infamous Candy Corn and Necco Wafers. We think we can safely say that these are two of the worst Halloween candies ever that neither kids nor adults love and appreciate. Few people have ever loved either of these candies at any point.

Is there a certain Halloween candy you once loved as a kid that you now can’t stand? Leave it in the comments.

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