Food trucks are sweeping the nation, and it’s easy to see why. Sitting down at a noisy restaurant and waiting an hour to eat over-priced food is so old fashioned. Food trucks are so successful because they bring a huge level innovation and creativity back into the world of food. Plus, they bring that innovation and creativity directly to you. Take a look at some of these incredibly unique food trucks.


The Bumblebee Food Truck (Denver, CO):

Have you ever just wanted a treat that wasn’t a boring store bought concoction? The Bumblebee aims to get all-natural, delicious sweets into your hands in style. The Bumblebee is a petite, 1962 Chevy P-30 van that has all the right charm and used to be a shuttle for a local fair parking lot. Take a look at the Bumblebee website for more information on where to find the truck.

The Seattle Barkery (Seattle, WA):

Who says humans are the only ones who can enjoy food trucks? The Seattle Barkery ignores those silly two-leg creatures and caters to the better half of the human race: their most loyal friends. With a wide variety of pet treats, this food truck is sure to please your furry friends during their lunch breaks. Check out the Seattle Barkery website for locations and scheduling.

Del Popolo (San Francisco, CA):

Del Popolo is a pizzeria with a traditional brick and mortar restaurant and a not-so-traditional food truck. The restaurant’s food truck is made of a 20-foot repurposed shipping container that houses a full-sized wood-fired oven. Talk about traditional pizza on the go! The truck only goes out a few days a week, but it also caters private events. Check out their website for scheduling information.


Serial Grillers (Tucson, AZ):

“Food worth dying for…” is the Serial Grillers’ motto, although they want you to rest assured that they don’t actually want you to die after eating their food…or at all, for that matter. This unique food truck has a horror-themed menu that might leave you wondering what these guys do for a side job. Their Facebook page has more location and contact information.


Bacon Bacon (San Francisco, CA):

The best food trucks typically follow a central theme, and you may have already guessed Bacon Bacon’s central theme. Their mission is to prove to the world that bacon is more than just a breakfast food. You can get a surprisingly wide variety of food from their jet-black truck, and you’ll definitely want to try their bacon desserts, which are surprisingly tasty. Check out their website for more information.

Maximus/Minimus (Seattle, WA):

Imagine seeing a giant metal pig driving down the road. That’s exactly what it’s like to experience the Maximum/Minimus food truck. It’s literally a giant metal pig driving down the road, making this food truck one of the most unique out there. It also offers a wide variety of food choices on its expansive menu, catering to almost everyone’s tastes. For more information on the truck’s current location, check out their website.


Bellatrino (Dallas-Forth Worth, TX):

Eating at a food truck can be difficult at times, especially when there’s no seating. But if you happen to come across Bellatrino in Dallas-Fort Worth, you won’t have to worry. This unique food truck comes with built-in seating for a more convenient dining experience. It also serves delicious Neapolitan pizza, to boot. For scheduling and location information, visit the Bellatrino website.


The Modular (Austin, TX):

The Modular food truck definitely catches your attention as soon as you look at it. It sports an incredibly colorful, funky design that was designed by a local artist. You can expect to find delicious Japanese cuisine at this food truck. And if you ever want to eat in a traditional restaurant, you can always eat at the owner’s companion restaurant, Goro & Gun.