Okay, so you’re trapped on a desert island. What food do you eat? Do you scramble for fallen coconuts or eat raw crab? It may not be happening to you anytime soon, but it’s best to be prepared. If you’re trapped in paradise, you might as well plan ahead by knowing exactly what kind of foods to eat while you lounge on the beach waiting to be rescued.

1. Piña coladas:

Nothing says being a castaway like a refreshing piña colada in your hand and a straw hat shading you. On a tropical island, you should be able to easily get pineapples and coconuts. Now all you need to do is find a hidden stash of pirate rum, and you’ll be set!

2. Seafood:

Being trapped on an island means you’re surrounded by the ocean and all the delicious food it contains. And there’s no end to the variety! If you can build a fire, you can cook up all the crab, fish and other types of seafood. And if you can’t build a fire, you can always enjoy the sushi!

3. Fresh fruit:

If you don’t have any cooking or survival skills at all, you can always rely on the wide variety of fruits available to you in paradise. Mangoes, coconuts, papayas, passion fruit and guavas are all examples of fruits that you might encounter while stranded. These fruits are all delicious, refreshing and healthy.

4. Tropical Barbeque:

Survival while stranded on an island relies pretty heavily on being able to build a fire. And if you can build a fire, you can (and should) also barbeque. Roasted pork and grilled chicken are staples of barbeques. These island barbeques also provide a great opportunity to enjoy local cuisine and meet the locals.

5. Anything with coconut in it:

It’s not being stranded on a tropical island if you’re not eating something that has coconut in it. Coconut rice, coconut milk and any other kind of coconut-based food is a necessity whether you’re stranded on an island or just vacationing there. Because let’s be honest, no one will believe you were on an island if you don’t have any pictures of yourself with a coconut in your hand.

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