Dinnerware & Silverware

At Tasty.com we offer a wide range of plates, bowls, cups, and a wide variety of other dinnerware and silverware so you can find something stylish and functional to complement your dining room’s décor.

Take a look through our current selection and find the unique/traditional/stylish/elegant dinnerware that matches (or contrasts) the style of your dining room.

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    4-Piece Stainless Steel Long-Handled Spoons

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    High Grade Stainless Steel Cutlery


Characteristics of Your Dinnerware

Do you regularly make food in advance and heat it up later in the week? Then dinnerware that is microwave or oven safe will be more important.

Dishwasher-safe items will also make cleanup much faster, so be sure to check out the specifics and ensure they can go right into the dishwasher after dinner is over.

The other question is whether or not you want to go casual or formal. What kind of impression will you create with your dinnerware and silverware? Obviously, you’re not going to pull out your best stuff for every meal, but it may be nice to have that beautiful, stylish set for special occasions (or when you’re serving a particularly tasty meal).

Getting Everything You Need

Your everyday dining needs will likely be covered by a causal, four-piece place setting. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop there. Add a coffee or tea cup to expand your set. Maybe some platters or serving bowls will make a huge impact on your table setting when you serve your latest creations family style.

And this is just the start. Gravy boats, creative salt and pepper shakers, teapots, sugar bowls, and much more can take your casual dinner to a fun or an elegant experience (depending on the style of your dinnerware).

Take a look at the different patterns, designs, and materials available and start building your dinnerware collection today.