4 in 1 Can and Bottle Opener

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Have small kids at home or have elderly parents or grandparents who have a hard time opening jars and bottles because of a weak grip or small hands?

It can be frustrating to no be able to enjoy your favorite foods because you can’t open the jar. It can also be embarrassing asking for someone else to open the glass for you.

This can/jar opener has multiple settings that fit the most common lid sizes. It has non-slip properties so you won’t have to worry about spills, or tipping over or dropping of the jar or bottle.

With little effort, you’ll have jars opened in no time.

It is easy to operate, anti-slip and has a comfortable grip
Opens lids with diameters ranging from .7-3.3-inches

Material: Environmentally Friendly PP + TPR Metal, Plastic and Rubber
Weight: Approximately 4.3 ounces
Size: Approx. 9.1 in. x 3.7 in. x 0.8 in.
Type: Openers
Model Number: Bottle Opener
Openers Type: Can Openers
Color of Kitchen Gadget: Green, Red Blue, Orange

Additional information

Weight 0.13 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 14 x 24 in


Brand Name


Model Number

Bottle Opener



Openers Type

Can Openers

Metal Type

Environmentally Friendly PP + TPR

Color of Kitchen Gadget

Green Red Blue Orange


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