Stainless Steel and Glass French Press Coffee Maker

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If coffee is what you need in the morning to get you through the day, chances are, you have a coffee maker sitting on the counter.

You’ve heard of French Presses before, but maybe you think they are just a fad that will simply go away.

French Presses make coffee differently than how your coffee maker makes it. While a French Press requires more time and effort to make the coffee, it is said that the coffee you get from a French Press has a bolder, fruitier and less bitter flavor.

Those who want a stronger, more flavorful cup o’ Joe prefer making their coffee with a French Press.

This French Press is made from high-quality materials and its simple and sleek design makes it pair well with a variety of decor. Its small size will save valuable space on your kitchen counters. Most importantly, it will give you delicious coffee.

Brand Name: EcoCoffee
Material: Plastic
Coffee Pot Type: French Presses
Capacity: 301-400ml

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Dimensions 30 x 20 x 20 in
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Coffee Pot Type

French Presses






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