The world is amazing and awe-inspiring. Even in the food world, surprising things that can be mind-blowing are all around. Whether you like to grow vegetables or indulge in some not-so healthy fast-food, here are 7 food-related records that will leave you shocked, and maybe inspired to try:

The Largest Pizza

The largest pizza was made in Rome, Italy by 5 chefs. The more than 13,000 square foot pizza weighed more than 51,000 pounds took the chefs more than 48 hours to make using 5,000 batches of dough. The giant pie, named Ottavia featured 19,800 pounds of flour, 10,000 pounds of tomato sauce, 8,800 pounds of cheese, 1,488 pounds of margarine, and 551 pounds of vinegar. This pizza is also remarkable because it isn’t only huge, but it’s gluten-free so it could be enjoyed by all.

The Most Expensive Hotdog

The hotdog is one of most iconic all-American foods that are enjoyed in backyard barbeques and inside baseball stadiums. You can customize your dog however you want, which may be why they’re so appealing to people of all ages. Generally, when you think of a hotdog, you think beef, mustard, ketchup and relish. Well, your simplistic thinking of hotdogs are about to be blown out of the water with this most expensive hotdog.
How do you make a hotdog expensive, especially since it is made and served from a food truck? Add smoked cheese bratwurst, Maitake mushrooms, foie gras, shaved black truffles, Wagyu beef, caviar and Japanese mayonnaise. Oh, and this Junni Ban hotdog served by Tokyo Dog will set you back $169. After trying this dog in Seattle, you’ll never see ordinary hotdogs the same.

Heaviest Head of Cabbage

As a gardener, it is your dream to grow the biggest, healthiest vegetables around. You want your neighbors to be jealous of your green thumb. If you grow cabbage, here is a record you can aim to beat: The heaviest head of cabbage appeared at the Alaska State Fair in 2012. Scott Robb, the proud grower of the 138.25 pound giant head of cabbage has also grown other record-breaking vegetables, like the Heaviest Turnip.
If you’re struggling with producing massive sized produce, maybe you should get some gardening advice from this guy.

Most Big Macs Consumed

Ah, the iconic burger that made McDonald’s all the rage in the 1990s, the Big Mac. These double-pattied and cheesed behemoths are still popular today. They especially have a fond place in the heart (and maybe arteries) of Donald Gorske. It took Donald Gorske 44 years, eating 14 Big Macs per week to reach the magic number of 28,788 Big Macs consumed. That’s roughly two Big Macs per day! Gorske, who lives in Wisconsin show no sign of slowing down. He must really love those Big Macs to eat them every single day. The surprising thing is that he’s not overly obese. That’s just not fair.

The Largest Cup of Coffee

Coffee a man’s and woman’s best friend, right? Well, Fido and diamonds may still hold those titles. Coffee, however, is something many Americans can’t live without. Most Americans need some of the caffeinated goodness to get through each and every morning. Want to know what the largest cup of coffee is? Imagine an 8 foot by 8 foot coffee cup filled with more than 2,000 gallons of the caffeinated brown liquid. To put all that coffee into perspective, the 2,010 gallons equates to 32,000 regular-sized cups. Even the best coffee consumer would take some time to drink all that.

Largest Pumpkin

Chances are, you’ve seen some pretty big pumpkins. How do people get their pumpkins to grow so big? Apparently, you have to ask the Europeans. The largest pumpkin, which hailed from Belgium, was featured at the annual Giant Pumpkin European Championship in Germany, weighing 2,624.6 pounds. The massive pumpkin, grown by Mathias Willemijms ousted the former record holding pumpkin by 300 pounds. The former reigning largest pumpkin record-holder came from Swisserland.  You can make quite a few pumpkin pies and servings of pumpkin soup with that big boy.

Largest Bubble Gum Bubble

As kids, we’ve all tried to best our friends by blowing the biggest bubble with our gum. When we finally got one of decent size, one of our friends would always slap it with their hand, resulting in an often sticky mess on our face from the popped bubble. Even as adults, we have an instinct to pop others’ bubbles. The face slapping, bubble bursting, however, didn’t happen to Chad Fell, who blew the record sized bubble gum bubble that measured a whopping 20 inches in diameter. Imagine the mess from when that bubble eventually burst.

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