The bright, sunny days are longer and warmer. The sound of kids laughing and the splashing of pool water has become a daily occurrence. Summer is here and everyone knows what that means: time for grilling. The idyllic summer grilling fare typically consists of hot dog, burgers, chicken and corn. While these savory, mandatory pool party foods are yummy, what are some other delicious foods that are perfect for on the grill?

Here are a couple ideas for the grill that go beyond the usual:

Lamb Chop or pork chop:

The lamb chop or pork chop, depending on your preferences, is often the standard at which grill masters are measured by. If you’re able to grill this to perfection, without it being too dry, nothing stands in your way.


Grilled vegetables are great compliments to whatever meat you’re grilling. Squash, zucchini, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and red onions are all great options for grilling. Peppers, however, outdo them all. Grilled peppers capture the sweet smokiness of the charcoal while having an appetizing bright charred color. Grilled peppers are great in salads, homemade salsa and atop bread.

Corn on the Cob:

Those that already BBQ their corn on the cob know how much better it tastes over the boiling method. The fire of the grill perfectly roasts the husk and corn leaving it with a slight char and sweet taste.


If you want to step up your summer backyard party, try grilling lobster. The high heat of the fire turns the lobster’s shell that iconic bright red while tenderizing the flesh to perfection.

T-Bone steak:

Men like their steaks and the T-bone is the granddaddy of them all. T-bone and other steaks are much better on the grill as the high heat of the grill results in a crispier crust and juicier interior that boiling or frying can’t achieve.

Chicken wings:

When you think of chicken wings, you probably thing of the greasy, deep-fried foods served at restaurants. DIY chicken wings are easy to make and result in a much more crispier chicken pieces. Simply coat the chicken in your favorite hot sauce and grill for a couple minutes and you’re done.


While most who are accustomed to their carnivorous ways may be appalled by the thought of grilling mushrooms, vegetarians only dream about eating this meat substitute. Grilled mushrooms can have the same flavor and sometimes same texture as meat. Their lack of natural flavor quickly absorbs whatever spices, seasonings or oil that is sprinkled on them.


Squash is great in many forms like a warm soup on a chilly fall or winter day. They also make for great grilling. Grilled squash has a vibrant color and excellent taste, not to mention some nutrition.


Who doesn’t like to be treated to some savory, grilled salmon? The grill does wonders for your favorite fish by bringing out the fullest flavor while adding a touch of sweet smokiness and a slightly charred exterior. Add your favorite herbs and seasoning and a touch of squeezed lemon and you have a lighter meal that anyone would enjoy.

Pork shoulder:

Use indirect heat grilling to cook up slow-cooked pork. Our recipe combines the bite of bourbon with the sweetness of soda and the unctuousness of this luscious cut. Serve the pork shredded and stuffed inside a hamburger bun for the ultimate pulled-pork sandwich, or straight-up with a side of grilled summer corn or roasted red peppers.

Grilled food adds unique flavoring, texture and color that you can’t get when frying, broiling, or roasting. Whether you’re celebrating summer or you’re whipping out the grill to usher in your team’s football season with a tailgate party, try kicking it up a notch and try grilling the abovementioned foods.

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