Food is something closely related with culture. And thanks to the massive size of America and the separation of states, the culture from state to state varies greatly. It makes sense then, that every state would be best known for different foods. Whether you’re from Alabama or Alaska, check out what food your state is best known for!

Many states had somewhat predictable results, such as fried chicken in Kentucky or cheese in Wisconsin, but there were others that were very surprising. Some interesting findings were pho in Washington as well as beef enchiladas in Colorado. It’s interesting to finds foods such as these that are from quite different cultures so prominent in these states. It just goes to show that food is something that can be appreciated and welcomed in to another culture.

Some states had foods that aren’t even really known outside of that area. Scrapple in Delaware for example, is the combination of mostly pork and flour. It’s not really even known outside of this area and can’t even usually be bought in stores outside also. Other popular foods such as the New York bagel or Chicago deep dish pizza are more easily accessible and known outside of those states.

Food is something that is an indication of culture and brings people together. Since it’s such an important and necessary part of life, its interesting to know the most popular foods in each state. Comment below why you think some foods are so popular in these states!


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